Sunday, September 20, 2009

Submissions to our Memory Box

"Let's see... I think my favorite time is going to have to be when we rode jaguars through the jungle and discovered that spaceship buried under some rocks." - From Anthony

"We enjoyed your wedding tremendously. The care and design you put to the plan is enjoyed and appreciated by all. This is the best wedding ever. Wish you a beautiful life together." From The Hwangs

"Mitsurugi still dominates Taki. Congratulations and here's hoping Romina keeps you too busy for any more Soul Calibar marathons." - Anonymous (Jairam or Jerome)

"Ben, you are one of my most special friends from Stanford. No specific memories - so mnay good ones :) wish you both the very best always." - From Amita

"It would have to be that one time when Ben and I robbed that bank, and then we ate snow cones in the park." - From Anthony

"I think you already know of all the favorite memories we share together, so, rather than list those here, I'd like to propose a future favorite memory - when Shiyan and I name your first born! Best of luck you two. You totally deserve each other and I expect nothing short of greatness!" - Love, Mel

"I was jealous of Derek and Ben chatting in the corner at the scotch bar on my birthday! I'm glad he's taken now!!!" - Love, Melissa (Dattalo)

"I was going to write something about freshman year or sophomore year or junior year or senior year or Maui or Costa Rica, or DC, or Baltimore, but now I think I have to write about your wedding. AWESOME DANCING! (Ben, ow ow!)" - Love, Mere

"It was definitely when Ben and I went to Mexico and bought these kids onthe black market. We told them we were going to set them free in America, but we really just brought them here to resell them at a higher price. That was awesome." - From Anthony

"Hope you two keep laughing, having FUN, and enjoying each other :)" - Sunshine logo ---LaCona (yay Mirlo!)

"Ruining your Starcraft games, Messing up the dating service, "helping" you with "your" master's thesis, ejecting your CD during You Don't Know Jack, Driving to Kittery in a blizzard, Back Orifice, Ping of Death, Eating and stealing your cards during bridge, Copying my 18.06 problem sets, Late nights with 6.170, Missing remote conrols under your bed, Spice Girls, Pickle jar explosions, Dish soap stinkclouds, Soul caliber via .... and many other great memories. Congratulations!" - Bubby

"Romina and Ben, Happiness is a choice. No matter how hard things may get, or how much it may seem impossible, create joy." Bests, Cisco

"What a wonderful day, what a wonderful wedding party, what a lovely couple get together today. With our best wishes, and blessings, most important we also enjoyed it and shared the happiness with you" - Ping Wang.

"Dear Romina & Ben: May 10, 2008, "By wisdom a house is built through understanding it is established through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures." May your home be filled with joy, laughter, and fond memories. And, of course, the pitter patter of little feet!!" Love, Auntie Shirin

"I remember you Romina as a little girl in Vancouver and you have grown into a beautiful woman. Good health and happiness to both you and Ben." Love, Elizabeth Betty Doherty

"So nice to have been able to share this memorable occassion with you." Beverly Ann

"Ro & Ben, The wedding is absolutely fantastic. I'm so happy for the two of you." Love, Rahim, May 10, 2008.

"Romina and Ben, May your love of food and life bring you much joy, new adventures, and of course, GOOD EATS! Congratulations!" Love, Debbie (Chang)

"Dearest Ben + Ro. It's us. You + me. Remember this day forever, no matter how hard it gets, remember how it felt today, remember how hot Ro looked, how handsome Ben looked, and how happy and overwhelmed with joy we are."

"Just two words: "pickle jar" Oh and trying to con a replacement out of Bose for that one." (MIT friend)

"Ben - A wedding Snkkt would be proud of. :) Romina Thanks for putting up w/ Ben's continued childhood dreams!" (Dave or Charlotte)

"Ben, Re-penetrate a vast firmament sometime soon buddy!" Jason :)

"Dear Ro and Ben, I feel truly happy for both of you and I wish you both the greatest happiness ever in your life. [chinese characters: zhu ni liang xing fu, kuai le!]" Love, Gigi

"Going to Europe. Leaving with passports and money still intact. Eating lots of nutella and banana crepes. Since when is Killington on the way to NJ from MA?" (Rhonda)

"Dear Ben, just remember the Mrs. is always right! :)" always with love, Julie + Eric [all in julie's hand writing] (yes Dear) [in eric's handwriting]

"Congrats to the both of you. Wishing you a fruitful life together." Love, Rebecca :D

"Ro + Ben, This day could not have gone better" - love Mammy & Daddy 10 May, 2008

"Wearing a trenchcoat. Hands in pockets. Watching sexy cakes." - Jairam

"Taiwan: I learned that you were sleeptalking and not trying to keep me awake on purpose. We had a ton of fun learning about the homeland, and we had some heated discussions about things I don't even remember now because I'm old. Also remember the many weekends overs stimulated from being @ the Rockaway Mall, 3 hours @ Primetime Playhouse , another 25 hours @ the AMC across the way, and finally SIZZLER. We were two classy guys back then. Also remember never wanting to leave your house after long weekends, playing Missile Command on Atari. - Much love to you and Romina in your future together." - Jim

"Ro and Ben: You are on a lifetime endeavour. Think of it as one of your trips together. We look forward to checking up on you periodically. Have fun!" Love Auntie Mariam

"Dear Ro :) and Ben :D Best fish I've ever had! (actually I was trying to write 'Best wishes' but I must have really liked your fish dish') My favorite moment of Ben was when he gave me a hug the 3rd time I saw him, and it felt nice and like family :) and every moment w/ Ro (especially late nights on the phone) I've enjoyed. :) Congrats and please have your first baby call me godmother? OK? thanks :)" Love, Jan, '08

"The blinking cursor....its mocking me! To many more ridiculous memories! First born suggestions: Shilissa (Shelly), Meliyan (Mel) ( if you have a boy, we'll have to regroup)" (Shiyan)

"I almost peed my pants (in happiness) when I thought about how the two of you have found your companion for life. May your utility always be maximized, and may your eyes always light up as they do now whenever you see each other. Best wishes, Ro & Ben!" - Jonathan Shih

"Climb every mountain... or, next time you go up Mount Elinor, call uncle George and auntie Mariam" (uncle george?)

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