Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wedding Guestbook

Haminah Wahab - Tsing Yi HK Mar 14, 2008
Romina and Benjamin,

Chance makes you meet each other and love makes you share your life together. . . . .


Haminah and Dawood

Nader Ben Aissa - Vancouver, BC CA Feb 17, 2008
Heartfelt Congratulations From Your Cousin in Vancouver!

An Ode to Romina and Ben

Romina and Ben
fell in love when
their eyes locked some time ago.

A whirlwind romance
and many a slow dance
has led us to this fine event.

We wish you good cheer
and many a new year
spent swooning in the arms of your true love

Decades from now
grandchildren around
This day will never be forgotten

All the Best,
Nader Ben Aissa

Dean Ben Aissa - Vancouver, BC CA Feb 16, 2008
Congratulations my dear cousin Romina! While looking at the picture of you and Ben one can see how happy the two of you are and that makes me equally pleased ! With regret I will be unable to attend the ceremonies as I am soon traveling to Japan. I wish you two the best and hope to meet you and your knight in shining armor someday soon.

With love, your cousin Dean.

Uncle Wing Kam WONG & Auntie Sarah - Hong Kong HK Feb 14, 2008
Our dear Romina & Ben, This the BEST TIDING we have ever received for the year of the Rat. GUNG-HEI ! Will attend your great ocassion in the best manner we could. Cannot imagine a 3-foot child from the first time we saw you, now is going to build her own nest now ! Wow!
Congratulations! & all our best wishes to you both!
Love, Uncle WING & Auntie Sarah

Anne Li Tsuo - Tainan TW Jan 14, 2008
Dear Ben and Romina,

What a lovely website for your wedding announcement! Simon and I are long-time friends of Ben's mother.
We saw Ben for the first time was in the winter of 1982 (or 1983) while Ben was just a little one. We were always proud of Ben while he was growing up.
Uncle Simon has started up Motech Solar, a manufacture that produces PV cells, in Taiwan since 1999. If you have a chance visiting Taiwan, please do stop by at this sunny southern Taiwan, called Tainan.

Best wishes.
Simon and Anne

auntie esther - hong kong CN Dec 12, 2007
congratulations to you & ben.
may god bless you with a long & happy life together.

Shiyan - Menlo Park, CA Dec 01, 2007
Congratulations Ben and Romina! I'm so excited to be part of the wedding and you can bet the two triumphant bridesmaids will be telling some good stories!

Nancy - Palo Alto, CA Nov 26, 2007
Congratulations Ben and Romina! I will Save the Date! Hmm.. all of the pictures in your photo album have Ben's arm sticking out of the frame, holding the camera.

Weylin - Singapore SG Nov 26, 2007
You guys have a website for the wedding...seriously, that definitely says something. I am so happy for you both and so thrilled that you guys have been such a wonderful couple and are taking this next step. Congratulations! I miss you, Ro!

Rahim Wahab - San Ramon, CA Nov 26, 2007
Well.....though I wasn't the first.....but being the 2nd person to sign this guest book ain't bad! one and only dear sis....what can I say except many congrats and I am so so happy for you. I'm sure Ben will take good care of you. Sign me up for the big day! I'll see the both of you on May 10, 2008!

Melissa - Menlo Park, CA Nov 25, 2007
Hi Romina and Ben,

Congratulations!!! As you very well know, I'm almost as invested in this relationship as you both are, so I'm very very excited for you two and can't wait until May 10th!



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